Chicago's Festive Lions: Ready for the Holidays!

Chicago’s Festive Lions: Ready for the Holidays!

Guess what time it is? Yup, holiday time! And in Chicago, something super cool is happening. The big lions at the Art Institute are getting all dressed up with giant wreaths. It’s like a holiday tradition party, and it’s been going on for 31 awesome years!

Lions in Wreaths: A Chicago Tradition

Every year, right after Black Friday, the lions at the Art Institute become the holiday stars. Workers put these huge wreaths around the lions’ necks, making them look like holiday kings. People gather around, and when the wreaths are on, everyone cheers! It’s like a magical way to kick off the holiday season.

More Than Just Wreaths: Spreadin’ Joy and Hope

These wreaths are not just for looks; they’re like symbols of happiness, joy, and being together. Imagine, these lions usually stand as tough art guards, but during the holidays, they become symbols of all the good stuff. The wreaths are like a reminder to be happy, hang out with loved ones, and enjoy the holiday vibes.

Artistic Lions: Old Friends with a Special Job

These lions are not new to the scene. They were made by a cool artist named Edward Kemeys in 1893. So, for more than 120 years, they’ve been hanging out at the Art Institute, becoming famous icons of Chicago. With their holiday wreaths, they’re not just strong and brave; they’re also spreading artsy vibes and celebrating the good stuff in life.

Bringing Back the Shine: Restoration Story

This year’s wreath thing is extra special because, just a few months ago, the lions got a spa day – kind of. They went through this fancy restoration project in July 2023. They got cleaned up and fixed so they can stay cool at the Art Institute for a super long time. So, this holiday thing is like a double celebration – for the lions and for holiday fun!

Beacons of Joy in Crazy Times: Let’s Celebrate!

With everything going on, these lions are like beacons of happiness. Their wreaths bring good vibes, reminding us that even when things are tough, we can still find reasons to smile, party, and look forward to awesome days ahead. They’re telling us to find joy in little things and keep the holiday spirit alive!

Come and Join the Fun: Art and Holiday Magic!

When you see those lions with their wreaths, it’s like an invitation to have a blast at the Art Institute. Inside, there’s a winter wonderland waiting for you. Lights, cool exhibitions, and holiday events – it’s all there for you to enjoy. So, grab your family, head over to the Art Institute, and let the lions and their holiday magic make your heart all warm and fuzzy.